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Antarctica Expedition Arrives and Sets Out to Sea

Dr. Phil Bart and his team of student researchers have landed in Antarctica and set out to sea for 29 days of research in the Ross Sea.


Phil Bart's Expedition in Antarctica

A student research team led by Dr. Phil Bart has made its way to Antarctica to begin an expedition into the Ross Sea. The team will be at sea collecting geophysical and geological data onboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer RV ice breaker ship for 29 days before returning to land and making their way back to Baton Rouge. 

Darrell Henry Speaks Keynote at International Mineralogical Association Meeting

Darrell Henry, Campanile Charities Professor of Geology, was a keynote speaker at the quadrennial International Mineralogical Association meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa. He presented the talk: “The petrologic potential of tourmaline: Interaction between crystallography and local environment revisited”. 

Lighthouse Reef Research Featured in National News Outlets

Research conducted by Department of Geology & Geophysics' PhD student Kathryn Denommee and her advisor Dr. Sam Bentley has been making headlines in national news outlets on the insights their findings may have on the disappearance of the Mayan Civilization. 

Dean Peterson Featured in AAPG Explorer

If you pick up a copy of the January 2015 issue of AAPG's Explorer, you will find an article featuring LSU College of Science Dean Cynthia Peterson. In the interview, Dean Peterson discusses her return to LSU, her high regard for the Geosciences, and the progress being made within the Department of Geology & Geophysics. Click "view more" to access the article.