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Senior Field Camp


Senior Field Camp will take place June 8 - July 20, 2014 



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GEOL 3666 field camp consists of 7 field-based projects over a six week period in a variety of sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic settings.  We give students instruction and advice, but we encourage them to think and work independently, and to formulate their own hypotheses based on data that they collect and features they discover. Each project incorporates the fundamental disciplines of geology with a single goal in mind: to produce geologists capable of collecting and analyzing field data anywhere in the world.  Students are required to work in pairs for safety reasons but project submissions represent individual effort.

Much of the work is done at or near the 1300-acre field station while students reside at the Camp facility. Some project areas are too far from Camp for daily commute, so students and staff tent camp at these areas during field study.  A few days are free for resting, visiting Colorado Springs, or taking self-led road trips through Colorado.

Course Credits: Senior field camp fulfills 6 hours of GEOL 3666

Purpose: Our field camp philosophy is simple: learn by doing. Students receive lectures, perform laboratory exercises, and take exams in the Camp classroom all while being in the field.